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Hanbok Collection~Update

Hello (・ω・)/
This would be a pic-spamming post, so bear with it~ hehe, I've reduced the file size for each photos, so no worries~
And well, here's my (march 2011) most favorite hanbok, princess hanbok /royal court hanbok in PINK~ with cute and glittery flowerish pattern printed on the sleeves, front, and back ♥ do you like it?

and here's  my hanbok collection that I got (february 2011)
Well, this one is a traditional green-pink hanbok for married woman,. With beautiful flowery handmade painting on the sleeve part. Made with polyester fabric

Next, a lovely pink hanbok, embroidered with beautiful pattern on jeogori. Cutest part of this hanbok is the embroidery on the chima (skirt) part, small white flowers spreads everywhere!

cute chima, isn' it?
Here's another hanbok with handmade painting on it. Creamy white jeogori with blue chima. I like this hanbok so much, but it has been sold for USD $ 85. The buyer is a doctor, and this hanbok does looks like a hanbok for doctor back then during Jeoseon dinasty (Blue chima with white jeogori (top) in royal court style).

And this one~ another classic green-pink hanbok.
It's printed and embroidered beautifully. Made with polyester fabric, I attached a white daenggi as a dress accessory (・∀・)

Jade-green jeogori (top) with red chima. Sorry, but green-red or green-pink hanbok is so classic, I like it so much~ hehe.. this hanbok got a very very regal printed pattern on the sleeve. Just like hanbok that is worn by queen during Joseon dinasty. But, this is the simple style.

lower part of otgoreum (ribbon)

Simple hanbok, white jeogori with blue bird pattern embroidered on it. I think this one is too plain, so I sent it back.

And heee ya~~~ special cute hanbok, black top, pink chima! The chima is petal type. super cute and elegant. Black and pink is a cute mix of color ( ´∀`) Do you agree?

super cute hanbok-chima
Please bear a little bit more(゜◇゜)~ this would be my last hanbok pic!
I won't sell this one, it's one of my hanbok collection. Look how cute the chima (skirt) is~ embroidered with tiny flower buds . +point is the soft gradation from peachy pink to white. Totally awesome! I love this hanbok ♡

Actually I still have tons of pic to be shown, but I'm afraid you'll get bored. So I end it here~ hehe... more hanbok pic coming soon |ヽ(*゜▽゜*)ノミ|Ю

And tell me, which hanbok do you like most?


Facebook Hanbok Shop & Game

Hi there ^^
Well, sorry that I haven't been able to update any news on my blog. Cuz I was too busy go to doctor due to my breast fam and menorrhagia. I was so stressed up facing the fact that fam can lead to cancer but no need to worry anymore, the doc said I'll be okay after surgery...hohoho..really~ ♥

I postponed my campuss stuff too, all of it. At first I was getting worried that I'll be fail, But..oh well~ I have only one body so I'll just take a well rest for this week to cure myself from menorrhagia and prepape for fam removal surgery next week.

I eat well, rest well. But sickness comes one after another. I don't undertand = =a

Sooo well~~~ I was getting super bored, that I have to take a bedrest all over the day.
I played this game, it's really cuuuute~~~ ♥ ♥ ♥ hahaha... ( feel like I'm back to childhood times~)
mix & matc clothes, there's hanbok (which I really loved) too, you can choose accessories, make-up, contact lenses, eyeshadow, and even a lipgloss
Here's the link if you want to give it a try ^^

Korean Hanbok Dress Up < click here

I opened my hanbok shop recently too. It named before my blog~ Sparkle Hanbok Kimono Shop on facebook ^^
Here's some of my ready stock hanbok pic:

Oh well, I couln't upload all of them, sorry for spamming you with hanbok pics ^^ 
I think they're really beautiful^^


Anniversary Day & Recent Activities

kyaaaaa... Campuss stuff is KILLING me >_____<
But I don't feel like, I want to work on it. But deadline is on the corner... (27 Oct) and I should have finished my artwork, 5 fullcolored illustration on A3 paper (A3 x 5 = DEAD!) (lll´Д`) But I've only finished the sketch! omg...

so Boring! >_<

Well, forget it. I'll work on it like crazy later. tonight!
So, Instead of working on my artwork... I was having so much fun. Gyahahah~♡
First, Celebrate 3yrs anniversary with my boyfriend at Japanese restaurant "sushi tei"
Cuz I'm really2 a sushi and ramen lover! hohoho...

I ordered one bowl of shouyu ramen and 24 rolls of salmon maki. And still hungry after eat all those =D~

Oh,  my super lovely BF just made a song (again) too! special for me xD~ to celebrate our 3yrs anniversary, tittled "PARTE DELLA VITA" But he hasn't been able to upload it to youtube so I couldn't share it to you all (ノ_<。) 三  How sad...
He gave me super cute and fluffy doll I've always been wanting!!! ♥♥♥
I named him "PUFFY"~ Cute isn't he?

So, what are you guys doing to celebrate your anniversary?

And, the other day... I went to hanbok supplier with my Mom and my friend.
I decided to be a reseller =D
And will open my online shop for new and preowned Hanbok (imported from Korea) soon ( ゚▽゚)/
Tell me if you're interested. I'm still preparing the hanbok for photoshoot. And of course, the hanbok is all selected luxury items.

My friend-looking at red hanbok

It really so much fun to choose them!
And I was sooo tired too. Looking and choosing tons of hanbok.
I dressed up my mom and my friend to see
wheter it will be good ♥

So here they are, so lovely:
My mom in orange hanbok

My friend in pink hanbok
And so, after tiredly looking all of them. I decided to buy several new hanbok for store's sample hanbok.
Here it is, sorry my room is all messed up >___<

I bought 7 hanbok for sample. Will soon buy a lot of them, as soon as the supplier contact me^^

I'm still preparing my PAYPAL for Ebay.
So if you're interested you can contact me for further information about the item (=゜ω゜)ノ
All the hanbok I choose are in good condition and really super cute.

And I got 'my first ever' blog award from super kawaii ♥Penelope♥
please do visit her beautiful blog: Inspired by beauty
Thank you so muuuuch~♥

Okay...I'll work on my illustration for now!
be back with NYX product review next week^^ see ya~
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