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Hello! you can call me Kim! I'm a Beauty/Cosmetics Specialist and beauty blogger who's currently living in Indonesia. What am I doing in real life? I'm freelancing as a make-up artist and I'm also a fine art artist. My love for make-up artistry is initiated by my interest in painting. For me, proper skincare and make-up are ways to enhance natural beauty, not faking it.
My favorite time of a day is tea time! I can't skip a day without a cup of tea. While enjoying my tea, I'll listen to my favorite music, check my blog, and blogwalking a little to return your support. I hope you're enjoying your time on my site and please keep on returning ^-^

Birthday: 6 December
Education: Graphic Design / Visual Communication Design, Fine arts
Interests: Beauty, make-up, art-painting, web designing, photography, beauty blogging, culinary
Loves: Open field prairie, meadow, landmannalaugar (Iceland), roses, tea (chamomile, matcha, earl grey)

Make-up Artist: Jung Saem mool and Goo Eun Yoo---my ultimate idol! Lisa eldridge, Robert Jones, Wayne Goss
Uljjang: Ban Nam Gyu, Baek Jae Ah, Lee Jung Ha

Color:  Peachy pink, beige, brown, white, black
Brand: Anna Sui, Stila, Chanel, Dior, Banila Co, Shu Uemura, Clinique (make-up)
Fashion: Mostly casual, vintage with rose prints, classic lolita, and coat! I love coat!
Circle Lenses: GEO Mimi Almond Brown, GEO BC 102
Fragrances:  Chloé EDP, BVLGARI Rose Essentielle

Shade: MAC NC15-20
Skin problems: Occasional zits (only occurs when I'm not getting enough rest / not eating properly), dark circle
Skin Type: Normal to oily
Signature look: Peach/pink eyeshadow, eyeliner, pearly white shadow accentuating my inner eye corner, natural looking gradation lips or vivid, bright, and saturated lip color


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