Review: MIOMI E.T. Ray Gray Circle Lens

Hi everyone~ thanks for your thoughtful comment on my previous post (my days at hospital). I really appreciate it cuz it encourages me a lot. Having a good and kindhearted readers like you touched my heart deeply ;^; I feel like giving a big virtual hug to each and every one of you!!! Thank you~
And as promised, here's the review of MIOMI circle lens review, sponsored by Tomato online shop.

Undeniably the cutest circle lens case I've ever seen O___O, they called it the NANO RABBIT accessories. zomg, I've fallen head over heels with this baby! I got mine in white (choco), so lucky! Rabbit is my chinese zodiac so I love everything that related to rabbit

Miomi is a blister packed circle lens. Yay for blister package! I don't have to go through all the hassle of opening the crazy vials, hehehe...

Circle lens case with bunny ears on the top, what could be more cuter? ;^; Comes with free mini hook, but I don't think I'll use it as an accessories anytime soon. later perhaps~~

All of the description is written in Chinese, though, it is said the lens is made in Korea. When I checked on their official site, everything is in Chinese too. so I jumped to a consclusion that Miomi is a Chinese soft contact lens that's being manufactured in Korea? lmao. whatever it is... I'm 100% sure that the lens origin is China. (Also read that Miomi is a new version of Barbie Eye contact lenses.)

Close up pattern of MIOMI E.T. Ray Gray. When not being worn, the gray color is unnoticeable. But once worn, the grayish streak will become more visible.
MIOMI E.T. Ray Gray

MIOMI E.T. Ray Gray, photo taken under natural daylight.

Design/Pattern:  photo rat4.pngSo unique! Kinda reminds me to Vassen Hana spc Platinum Brown cuz of the transparent inner edge, but this time it's different! Miomi did it VERY WELL, I LOVE how it looks from afar, and even upclose! The white conjungtiva blends in naturally with the circle lens pattern as a whole. From afar, it gives a misty and dreamy look to my eyes and I love love LOVE it already.

Color:  photo rat5.pngGives off a very natural gray hint under a brownish tone. Afar, the gray is still visible, but only on the inner edge area of the iris. So pretty!! I've never loved a gray soft lens before, but totally love this one.

Comfort:  photo rat4x.pngVery comfortable, the lens is very thin and soft. I wore them for a good 5 hours yesterday without an eyedrop and it was all okay. No dryness, iritation, or whatsoever.

Enlargement:  photo rat4.pngIt is said to be 14.5mm in size. But you know what, the mm sizing on a contact lens refers to the 'effect' it gives, not the actual size. The actual size of Miomi circle lens is really big, holy 16 mm. Anyhoo, the E.T. Ray is huge and perfect for those who likes a dolly eyes. And I like how it looks on me without eye make-up, hehehehaha....

Overall rating:  photo rat5.pngI can't believe I'd give off a max rating for this lens. lmao... cuz my first impression wasn't that good. But now I love it so much despite it being a bit unnatural (I'd only say natural to a lens that gives off a black/brown orb alienish effect LOL)

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Me with mainstream make-up and mainstream hair style (well actually it's a brown wig!... haha) Kinda weird, I'm not used to this style...yet ;^; or never

='= This sicky style feels more like 'me':

hohoho... so that's all for now. And oh, before I go, I have a GOOD NEWS for you girls! I'll be hosting a make-up giveaway pretty pretty soon!!! The prize is BB cream and such, you know ^o^ Bet u're gonna like it. So stay tuned~! 
If you don't mind, please let me know which style suits to your liking, me with brown hair or me with sicky look and black hair >.<  I've been planning to brown-dye my hair but not sure of it. So yeah, any suggestion and feedback from you will be greatly appreciated. Thank you ^-^


yuku.★ said...

They look really beautiful in my opinion and I would die for this super cute cases. ; ;

Dewie Aprillia said...

brown hair!!! :p

Bunny ♥ said...

Black hair >/< jadi kaya orang jepang :p

Ully Kanegawa Chan said...

kaka tutorial merawat pinkcoconya donk,,:D
soalnya waktu aq catok pinkcoconya,jadi jelek T_____T

Amyboo said...

So glad you look much better now! <3 ^_^
These lenses are so unique! The pattern is so gorgeous. *_* I looove that case too!

Kaddy said...

omg these lenses look soooo damn beautiful on you :D
and the brown wig match so well together *__* u look like a kpop idol on these pics :DD

Latifah Yulia said...

With brown hair you look more mature. With black hair you look more innocent. Well, it is my opinion. Which one do you prefer? mature or innocent?

Hana said...

you look very very pretty.. and i am glad you look healthy :)

Celyx Lim said...

OMG those lens case are really very pretty and kawaii! <3

Rin, you should dye your hair brown, it looks really gorgeous on you.


Melo said...

So cute cases *o* You look amazing with brown hair, too ~

Calily Caline said...

Those lenses are so pretty! I love the grey streaks OMG *_*
YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL WITH THAT BROWN WIG. I think you'd look amazing with any hair color though! You look sooo young, hehe :3

Jane Rahayu said...

So pretty <3 super want to buy them, like, right now hahaha XD

Liss Cope said...

lovely review! I think you look lovely with brown hair!! very cute ^_^ <3

Stephanie Kwari said...

I fell in love with the case instantly omg !!
But ah, I wish the diameter is really 14.5mm, I always have troubles with bigger lenses ><

Berri said...

wow these lenses have such a pretty, yet natural look, totally love the design, and the bunny cases omgf, so cute.
I think you look good with both hair colours, but you could dye it brown for a while, it would be a nice change :)

Deelila Dhiantie said...

cc lensnya bagus banget :D
jd pngem beli miomi juga :3
btw, glas too see u again cc xD
seneng cc udh kluar dr rs, moga kdoannya cc bkal sehat2 terus :D

I Love Yoshiki said...

I'm glad you feel better!

I prefer the brown hair on you.

Can you get these circle lenses with prescriptions if you're short/long sighted?

Jennifer~Vickahh said...

so cute!! I think brown is really cute on you

The Unprofessional Beauty Blog said...

The lens case is just so adorable.

Lara Takahashi said...

Looks great on you! Perhaps this color wouldn't suit me tho, I guess it suits a dark eyed person better..?!
Lol the case is too cute :3
Have a good weekend :)
x, Lara

Rei Kouken said...

I love the case they come in!! I think it wouldn't suit me too well >.< But they look lovely on you ^-^


▲elaine▽ said...

Holy crap those lenses are huge! Lucky you to have pretty big eyes to go with it! Very cute, I like the brown hair on you! Looks sweet <3

NHYC || Nicole said...

Those lenses look so nice, but wha so huge!
And the lens cases!!! Too cute <3


Josephine said...

Ooh, cute lenses! Really love the desing - kinda like a zebra! ^w^
Hihi, a giveaway?! I look forward to it!! >w<


Kari said...

How cute!! *0*

Wai ♥ said...

Those lens case are so unique, I never came across one of them before!
The Miomi lens look good on you, I like the subtle grey color that it radiates. Brown hair looks lovely on you as well!!

Clai Litiatco said...

OMG the case is so adorable!!~

thepigs said...

your make up is so pretty! and brown suits you better ^_^ the black wig's color isn't a natural black, but that color makes you look like you're tired and sickly XD

Rini Cesillia said...

i think brown suits you better, Lina ^^
and the lens gives such a natural look :3


THT Christina said...

These are soo pretty! The color and design of it is what I really like about it haha And I like that brown hair color on you!

Hazel☺ said...

wow i'm tempted to try contact lenses! i never tried wearing one :P

xx Dress Me Up Buttercup

Meii Chamomille said...

you're beautiful...but still look sick..get well soon...^^
can you make a review how to use a wig? when i wear my pinkcoco wig it really look fake...i don;t know whats the problem....==

Elsawati Dewi said...

it looks natural on you, but am not interested in the color. btw i love the case, it's the cutest ever found!

and i also saw some pics when you're in hospital.
get well soon ^^

cosmeticlover said...

I prefer Geo, DUEBA and VASSEN , the best Korean lenses for me !

Camilla Monique said...

u look cute dear..
i love those color and design of that lens..
but nowadays, i dont want to go beyond 14.3 diameter. 14.5 really dry my eyes:(

Calily Caline said...

You're so cute <3 you should just try it out, I actually think you'd look beautiful with a red lip (as always). I really like the It's Skin babyface lipstick, it's a bit sheer.

Ally said...

you're so cute!
the cases are really adorable as well :)


Onto my Wardrobe said...

Hey dear I really like your blog! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin, facebook and even lookbook if you want...just let me know :3 <3



xxshinrai said...

Wow those lens look so much nicer than I thought they would!! But I suppose the nicest effect can only be appreciated more up close. Thank you for your review!

Patricia ♥ said...

You should bake muffins again! It's a great for letting stress out.. or at least for me ^^
I love it how you look with the brown wig!♥

Have a lovely day,

Amélie De Rycke said...

So cool those lenses!
I started following you, want to follow back? :)

Yuki said...

These must be one of the cutest lenses I have ever seen! :o
And the lens cases are super adorable too! First time I've seen them as well~~

monica santos said...

Cute lenses and case <3 and you look so cute too! :)

Bunni Hunni said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE the lenses case! And your brown wig looks good on you :D


misskatv said...

OMG the packaging is so kawaii!!!!!

Koumi Umino said...

Wow! I've heard of these lenses before, but I never found a place that sells them to the U.S. (where I currently reside). You look really cute with them! I wish to try out MIOMI lenses sometime, too.

cori said...

that is the cutest lens case i've ever seen >u< i never knew they would even have bunny ones~


Isabela Asuka said...

Its the cutest lens case I have seen ever too! Its cuter than Hello Kitty's case, omg! thnks for the review, cutie :3 xx


q0q0 said...

The packaging is so adorable!
And u look really cute too <3

Snow said...

I love those rabbits :) I need a pair of green lenses, I will try one you've reviewed

chichicho chichicho said...

that is a really cute lens!
love the pattern!
when i just saw the pattern, i thought it would look boring. but after seeing them on you, they really stand out and relaly cute looking
But the fact that they are probably made in China makes me worry abit.

The lens case is the cutest i have even seen though

chichicho chichicho said...

Aside from the made in china part, these lenses are pretty. Hope you can find a similar pair that's made elsewhere soon~ I really wanna get them.

민영 said...

The lenses cases look really cute!
The pattern on the lenses look amazing!
I like your brown wig! :3 brown suits you well ^-^

Lys Chan said...

The packaging is super cute <3. I love them (:

Skarpz said...

Wow, amazing. Also awesome review ! Hope to see more.

Could you please follow my girlfriend blog?
http://mykawaiisecret.blogspot.pt/ :)

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