Review: G&G BT/DUEBA Kira Kira Brown Lens

Few weeks ago, I received two pairs of lenses from LoveShoppingholics for review purpose. (Thank you LoveShoppingholics!). And this morning, *while drinking orang squash~ I'll be reviewing the lens from G&G BT/DUEBA Kira Kira Brown. Here ya go~

 I looove how they stuffed the vials into these cute boxes. Really, you can still use the box afterwards.

 G&G BT/Dueba Kira Kira Brown - Pattern
Photo taken under natural light, no flash.

For more information about the lens, visit LoveShoppingholics site, G&G BT Kira Kira Brown.

Not too pixelated, that's my first thought. The print is really sharp too, thanks goodness. Cuz I won't like it if the pattern were too obvious. You can definitely see the actual pattern upclose. But afar, and under natural light, you won't even notice the pattern, everything blends well naturally with my natural eye color. 

Nah, on the lens, the inner part of the lens has a tiny yellowish dots, but once worn... it turns out to be more brownish, kinda ashy in my opinion. At first (as usual) I was hesitating about whether it will look good on me or no. You know that I'm a big fan of natural brown lenses ^-^.  I remember that I didn't have much love for this lens and keep convincing myself to love the way it look from afar, and by time, I grow to truly like it.

Huraaaah for G&G BT! You might have remember that I've been raving about G&G BT comfortness like hundred times already! Nothing to complain about. I love G&G BT already in term of comfortness. However, compared to my old G&G BT dolly black, this lens is not as comfortable as the predecessor. Idk why ;^; but still, I'd find G&G BT to be on top of the list, King of comfyness!

Maaan, the site says that it's a 14.00 mm lenses could you believe that? I mean, it enlarges so much that I think it was 14.5ish mm lenses, gawd.

Not my daily type circle lens. I'd prefer something more natural, like GEO BC-101 (which I'm going to review pretty soon^-^) or mimi capuccino brown. But I still like the design/color nevertheless.

And oh, I want to show you one picture of ulzzang, I forgot her name ;^; but she's wearing Kira Kira Brown too on this photo. This might be one of the reason that convinced me to open my heart for more light toned lenses~

by time, I began to LOVE this baby more and more, believe me, it looks really good on photos, and I like how it gives a fresh nudy look to my eyes. I LOOOOVE the design of this lens, everything!

Updated love rating:Photobucket 

There's still three unreviewed lens on my stash, so expect for it ^-^ I'll be back pretty soon with more review. Thanks for reading and have a blissful Monday~


Marykyut R♕sey said...

Thanks for the review ms Apple :) Those lens look really pretty when worn by a beautiful person like yourself. ^_^

Hana said...

OMG, you are so pretty like korean


Izumi Nagai said...

These lenses look so pretty! <3

The Dollhouse

Adel said...

the lenses look great on you!
btw i'm your new follower :)

nella novia said...

humpp.. the lenses design so unique.
btw, love your hair color !

followed u..
my blog http://glitteryhoney.blogspot.com/

Sakuranko said...

The design is really lovely, i think don´t looks so natural but are lovely.


Margylove said...

cakep linnn XD dari softlen, falsiesnya, sampe orgnya bagus smua T_T irinyaaaa flawless banget mukanya

Yuki. said...

What a marvelous lenses, I love it! By the way - you have amazing skin :)

Tessa said...

these lenses look really good on you, I think they look pretty natural :)

Michelle Hung said...

Ou! Lovely lenses! I'll definitely look into these :)

THT Christina said...

Your eyes are pretty *O* And I wanted to try these in brown, I've had the blue and green and love both so far :)

Clai Litiatco said...

Your photos are really nice! :)

Rina said...

that lenses look so pretty on your flawless face! <3

Isabela Asuka said...

So cute! The color is so natural and makes your eyes really bigger, I love it! Nice pics.


Nic Nic said...

they're so prettY! they look more hazel to me, which I like a lot lol. Anyway you look so cute Lina!

Nic Nic said...

Ps. I saw your selca on FB, i mean you look cute there...

and you kinda look like the girl in the last picture too lol!

ToRi said...

The lenses are very nice looking to you! Sorry I did not go by the color of T~T I look forward to you next postˆ◡ˆ

Iyah Love said...

You look so cute!! I still think the color is too nice.. ehehhe!

mihoshappylife said...

Oh wow, they look awesome! I love brown lenses, they look so natural ^^ It looks great on you!

Nikki said...

they are super cute and semi natural even though the pattern isnt natural on the lens
i suddenly want them!

iam- yushin said...

Wow these lenses are gorgeous!!!! I actually really like them! It has a very unique yet natural pattern! And your camera is amazing!! What camera are you using? ?? :3

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