Review: RELIAN Mascara Pink Series

Hey, today I'll be doing a review for Relian mascara pink series. The concept is still the same like the previous Relian mascara I've reviewed. Check it here: Relian Mascara Phanter series, still with the transplanting gel and natural fiber. Big thanks to RELIAN MASCARA for providing me this baby. Please do visit Relian Mascara FACEBOOK page and hit the "LIKE" button(^ε^)♪

Transplanting Gel Mascara
This is the Natural Fiber
How to use Relian Mascara*:
1. swipe the transplanting gel mascara one or two strokes to your eyelashes, just enough to keep your eyelashes evenly wet.
2. Spread the natural fibers evenly on your eyelashes, the fibers will stick together and create a volume.
3. Reapply the transplanting gel mascara, do it in zig zag movement. Just make sure you're not overdoing it to avoid clumpy look. Then you're done!
(* Important!)

Where to buy: http://relianmascara.biz/
Netto: Transplanting gel mascara (10 ml), Natural Fiber (0.8 g)
Waterproof: Yes. However, it could be removed with a towel soaked in warm water, and it won't gives off a terrible panda eyes.

My barely there natural eyelashes, uncurled.
After~Relian Mascara pink
Upclose look
My Pink Relian Mascara verdict:
As it claimed, it creates a soft and bushy eyelashes. The more you put on the fiber, the bushier it will be. I was amazed by the result when I see it upclose on mirror. I'ts absolutely works! Note that my eyelashes are asian typical, super short, and sparse. So forget about NON-FIBER mascara on me, it ain't gonna work.

So yea, I have to say that this mascara is one of my HG♥, and although it took more times to put this on, I'm totally satistied with the result. The pink relian mascara gives more softer 'curled' look while the phanter series gives more length.  If you're getting curious about this mascara I suggest you to look it up on google, the swatches and result on people with 'normal' eyelashes is absolutely gorgeous and tempting.  Well, as for the packaging itself, I like it. simple yet so glam in pink and glossy pink box.

The formula, IMO is something that able to 'hold' the curl and it sets well, so I've never had much of any smudging with it. Staying power is also good. The mascara does live up to my expectations, as it does curled and lengthen eyelashes WITHOUT severe clumping. That's what I hoped for.

Staying Power:Photobucket
Volumizing:  Photobucket
Overall Rating:Photobucket

What I like: the result, packaging, the fact that it's naturally curled up and lengthen my eyelashes, smudgeproof, minimal clumping,  no residual flakes, no PANDA eyes.
Cons: the brush is too big, it is quite difficult to reach my lower lash with such design.

So yea, if you have a problem with your short asian eyelashes -just like me- I really recommend you to try this mascara. Visit RELIAN MASCARA for purchasing info and more basic information about the product :3
Ok, so that's all for the review. and I'll be here again very soon ♪(*’-^)-☆ I'll be hosting another mini 'CIRCLE LENS' GIVEAWAY for you girls, so stay tuned and have a nice day~


sheilla said...

lina, i like relian too.. especially the fiber.. if you need a comparison with other mascara, check my blog : http://prettygirllovemakeup.blogspot.com/2011/09/relian-mascara-review-and-comparison.html

♡ Miharu ♡ said...

tempat nya bagus >__<

cominica said...

the packaging is so cute :D

Fern Li said...

ooooooooooooooooo~ looks pretty!!
all your mascaras have nice packaging XD
i always wear falsies so im not so fussed with mascaras~ although i really love fiber ones!! especially since its easy to remove xD

Emsy said...

The brush is weird. Its my first time to see that kind of fiber. Anyway they are good, Nice one Relian Mascara! Oh im going to join ur giveaway. Circle lens! Yeee~


Isabel said...

I've heard many good things about this mascara but have not tried it yet

Chino-chan ♥ said...

>.< so cuteee...

Jen said...

The mascara looks great.. though i think I need one that gives me volume as well as length.. mine are sparse and short.. and just plain un-curlable :/ great review though.. maybe i'll give it a try :D

Nic Nic said...

wow this mascara actually curled your lashes?! Looks like it did a really good job!

sugar sugar said...

i think it did a good job on curling the lashes! :)thanks for the review dear!

Ly said...

Wow this mascara actually works! I've been trying to find a new mascara for a while now that will keep my lashes curled I might have to try this one.


PS I'm following your blog now <3

Miss L said...

wow. The result looks amazing!

Anita said...

Nice review :)

Nana said...

The packing is super cute! I am surprised how well it works!

Katsuki said...

great review!, nice result! :D

Amyboo said...

Whoaa! The after effect is pretty amazing! :0 The packaging is super cute too. Thanks for sharing. Now I got to try it! XD

Sweethestia said...

love your mascara sis.

Diane said...

whoaaa! love the effect pretty amazing!!
re-shadow.. you may go little above the crease hun, so it'll show with us. and use dark shadow on lid and lighter gradually above but leave the browbone clear-just use a highlighter for the browbone and inner corner. hope that helps..

나니 said...

OooOoooOoo definitely made a difference! I love the packaging! >: D

stella said...

have you tried majorlika majorca? :D i heard its nice :D

Lauren. said...

it's such a cute blog!
kisses from Czech Republic <3


Veren Lee said...

nice result!! :D

VijiiS said...

This looks like a winner! Makes your lashes look INCREDIBLE!

clair said...

It's my first time to see a Relian mascara review and I am amazed at how wonderfully long your lashes look. My lashes are super short too. :( Thanks for sharing this review!

Lizbeth-Glamstyln' said...

wow what girl wouldn't want this.. AMazing!! your lashes looks very nice

thanks for sharing !

I am now following you
I invite you to check out my blog hope you can stop on by


t said...

Great review!


Chino-chan ♥ said...

Passing an award for you.. =) http://pururuworld.blogspot.com/2011/09/blogger-award.html

vivaglam1008 said...

wow... big difference :) thanks ! i'll try it out!

i followed xx


Gemma x said...

Great review! I love the mascara too, I really like the pink box as its very girlie! My lashes look so much longer! I purchased mine from www.ohmygosh.uk.com

Gemma x said...

Great review. I love the mascara too, my lashes look so much longer!-Also like the new pink box, very girlie! It took me ages to find where to purchase it from in the uk tho, got mine from www.ohmygosh.uk.com

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