Sponsored Review: ETUDE HOUSE Aloha Two Two Kiss + MINI GIVEAWAY!

Hullo~~~(*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆ popped here to submit a sponsored review of Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss in shade #3 Tropical Lime Red. I got this from MYLOVELYSISTER. Thanks to the generous webmistress of MYLOVELYSISTER.com *hug*  MyLovelySister is online shopping site that offers a variety of make-up and skincare products, mostly Japanese and Korean branded. I bought my first bottle of BRTC serum from this shop, having had experience purchasing from them,  they have fast shipping and great testimonials too!

Well, shall we go to the review?(*´▽`*)

About the product:
Product Name: Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss
Product Description: a combination of tint and gloss in dual sided pencil form. Contain argan oil to protect lips from sunrays.
Netto: Tint (2gr), Gloss (2gr)
Available in 4 shades
To use: put the tint first, then apply a few swipe of the gloss over the tint.

My comment:
Well, I saw it on Etude House's youtube channel for the first time, and I've fallen in love ever since. Though, I got tons of tint already, this one would be one of my favorite in shades. This glossie and tint available in 4 shades. As for Etude House's tint, shade #3 always come with a flush of orange-ish undertone, which is happen to be my favorite. shade 2 is obviously cute too! but the shades reminds me a lot to EH fresh cherry tint in pink and peach.

When I first open up the plastic seal, I'm glad to think that it come with a twist n roll casing. But, soon after I examine the casing thoroughly, I was shocked by the fact that the product is not a twist n roll type. It's just a solid casing with airburshed surface (14 cm in length with the cap on).  gawwd, the tip is super super SUPER small, no? heheh...nope, it's not as small as they might seem. The tube is made from flexible and soft plastic-like material that can be easily sharpened though.(=´∇`=) And after a few test I realized that this pen type tint is different with other tints I got from Etude House, a little swipe gives enough color to your lips. so yeah, I'd retract my previous rant!

and unlike many of Etude House tint range which is so drying, this one gives enough moisture so that I don't have a lip preparation first before putting it. It has a luscious fruity scent too!♡♡ stawberry for the tints, and lemon for the gloss.

Staying power:Photobucket
Scent: Photobucket
Packaging: Photobucket

swatch on my lips
I LIKE the swatch, it gives a healthy looking lips with reddish smidge IMO, I particularly like the subtle gloss finish and the fact that I don't have to wear any lipcream and balm to keep it moist! and noooow, say that you HEART this product and you want it, no? Then you might be one of the lucky person to win this product -FREE- So please Join my mini giveaway (≧∇≦)/


Thanks again to MYLOVELYSISTER, the webmistress came up with a great idea of hosting a sponsored mini giveaway on my blog~ and the prize will be a brand new product of:


Note: Giveaway available for Indonesian only as currently the shop is based in Jakarta-Indonesia.
LEFT CLICK to view the banner!
So, if you want to win a free ETUDE HOUSE Aloha Two Two Kiss, then simply JOIN and follow a few simple steps (*゜▽゜*)ノ

1. Must be a PUBLIC FOLLOWER of my blog
2. LIKE MyLovelySister FACEBOOK
4. Comment on my blog and tell me why would you want to win this product.

To increase your chance on winning, do this entries. This is optional, you may/may not do it:
☆ Blog about this giveaway and linking back, and leave your URL in the comment [+5]
☆ Have my giveaway banner on your blog SIDEBAR + link back [+3]
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☆ Like my facebook page: Sparkle Apple [+1]

Total of +11 entries per follower is allowed ^^
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GFC Name:
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Additional Entries:
Blog POST URL: (if you post about this giveaway/sidebar entries)
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Giveaway will be closed AUGUST-19-2011, and one winner will be chosen randomly.
GOOD LUCK for everyone! and many thanks to my lovely readers, I promise I'll be hosting a giveaway that is open internationally in the future. Cuz this one is a sponsored giveaway, the quality rules are basically made by the owner of MyLovelySister.com.

If you have any question regarding the rules, feel free to contact me via e-mail.
Thanks for those who entering my mini giveaway~


mimi said...

This looks like another really good product from etude house! (: I love lip glosses that smell fruity and I just want to eat it! haha~ I live in the states so I won't be joining the giveaway but I'm going to make my boyfriend buy so much etude house makeup for me when he goes back to china! mnuahahahaha~ (:

Katsuki said...
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Katsuki said...

I love this product and thanks to your review I am more convinced to buy it, thanks!, your reviews are very good :D

Lizzy said...

i love how it looks n.n I like your reviews are very good n.n Waiting for next one haha xD

Hollie said...

I'm a follower of you blog.
I hope you follow me back!

SeVeRuSLoVez said...

hahaha..thank u, pretty..:)
yes, i wanna join..wish me luck..hahaha

aMz88 said...

gosh i dont have twitter hehe nice review though ;)

* monic * said...

GFC name : monic
Email : monica.elisabeth@ymail.com
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facebook name : monica elisabeth
link : http://www.facebook.com/monicutez

additional entries :
blog post url : http://monicutez.blogspot.com/2011/08/mini-giveaway-etude-house-aloha-two-two.html
twitter post url : http://www.twitter.com/monicutez

verena.pricillia said...
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SeVeRuSLoVez said...

eh..udah ku penuhin syarat2 nya fei...:P

twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/merrywensin

knp nyoba giveaway ini....
mm..iseng2 aja siih
warna-nya aku sukaa..jd kn lmyn klo menang...:p

thanks ya buat info nya saii...

cominica said...

1. uda follow yaa XD
2. udah add fbnya juga , nick :cominica len
3. udah follow juga twitternya : @cominicaleni
4. ikutan karena pengen cobain aja produk ini, hehe blom pernah nyobain yang tipe bgini nih~

thank youuuu~

Maria 마리아 ♥ said...

GFC Name: Maria
Email: maria_el25@yahoo.com
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already follow your blog :)

Stephanie said...

GFC Name: Stephanie Nangoi
Email: snangoi@gmail.com
Blog Post URL: http://diaryofaproductjunkie.blogspot.com
Twitter Name+Link: phanie14/ twitter.com/phanie14
Your Facebook Name+Link: Stephanie Nangoi / http://www.facebook.com/snangoi

I think I should win because I wanted a subtle yet lightweight lip product that will stick on my lips even during the hot Jakarta weather. Also, I love and adore lip tints, so I just wished to give this one a try. <3

Additional Entries
Blog Post URL: http://diaryofaproductjunkie.blogspot.com/2011/08/blog-giveaway-etude-house-aloha-tint-by.html
Twitter Post URL: http://tinypic.com/r/nvtwkn/7 (I couldn't find the URL for my tweet, so I'll give the prtsc ^^)

Thanks for the giveaway.

Michelle said...

GFC Name: Michelle Yip
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Liza said...

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kenapa pengen ikutan, soalnya suka, pengen, belom pernah nyobain..T.T moga2 menang^^ O3o

SeoJin said...

GFC name: SeoJin
email: pandora1093@live.com
blog post url: -
twitter name: @SeoJinPark93 (http://twitter.com/SeoJinPark93)
fb name: Catherine Oktaviani (hhtp://facebook.com/Catherine.Oktaviani)

thanks unnie :D

Liza said...

oya lupa bilang makasie cie, udah dikasi tau ampe ngepost ke facebook segala..XD..

ಇ miharu ಇ said...

thanks for the info
uda aku follow & add fb nya XD
name: miharu jhulie
email :dhee_licia077@yahoo.com
fb: 'Miharu Julie
twitter : @Miharu_JhuLie

S-ther S-theim said...

Thx info ny =D
syarat2 ny udah d penuhin (fb n twitt)

Suka warnanya Pei~XD
bagus neh~!!

GFC Name: Ester Estheim
Email: esther_oshichi.shinsengumi@yahoo.com
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Twitter Post URL:http://twitter.com/#!/EstherEstheim

Lumiele said...

GFC: Lumiele
email: lumiele.beauty@yahoo.com
blog: nonactive
Fb: Lumiele MUA
twitter: @LoveLumiele

feii gw udah ga ngeblog.. mualesss.. hahaha.. tapi ikut aja deh

pengen etude yang lu review disini.. pengen nyoba wkakwkawa.. thankyou fei :*

☆ ayu☆ said...

wow..i like its color..:D

Saraswati Kirana Putri said...

haloo :D
makasi info giveaway nya yaah
mau mencoba peruntungan aah :D
blog : www.saraswatikirana.blogspot.com
twitter : @saraswatikirana (http://twitter.com/#!/saraswatikirana)
facebook : Saraswati Kirana Putri (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=252980658048167&set=a.159435557402678.35024.100000087051012&type=1&ref=notif&notif_t=photo_reply&theater#!/profile.php?id=1548933933)
email : sarazhtralala@yahoo.co.id

makasi yaah :D

Rika Priwantina said...

GFC Name: Rika Nanami
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I've Done. thanks for giveaway information :D just for my lucky lol

Ikmalia Anindita said...

Thank you for the invite dear, I definitely join this mini giveaway and I have fulfilled all the requirements ◕‿◕

Aku pengen ikutan giveaway dan menangin hadiahnya soalnya aku suka pake make up and i love make my self look pretty, dan emang kebetulan belum pernah nyobain produk ini. Pas liat reviewnya jadi makin pengen nyoba. Apalagi pas puasa gini bibir suka kering dan keliatan ga sehat banget walaupun udah minum banyak air. Lip balm yang aku pake sekarang kurang nampol.

♥ GFC Name: Ikmalia Anindita or Anindy
♥ Email: ike.imutbanget@yahoo.co.id
♥ Blog: http://choco-melodies.blogspot.com
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♥ Facebook: Ikmalia Anindita (http://www.facebook.com/ikmalia.anindita)

♥ Additional Entries:
- Twitter Post URL: http://twitter.com/#!/IkmaliaAnindita/statuses/98409735673479168
- Blog sidebar: http://choco-melodies.blogspot.com
- Followed your twitter and liked your FB

BB said...

GFC Name= bellinai
Blogs= http://aloha-bebe.blogspot.com/
FB= Belliani Bebe ( http://www.facebook.com/bebemutz)

Ok udah follow n like di FB ya

Hmm, aku ga maen tweet, fei. Jadi maaf ya ga bisa follow.hehe

Saving Capulet said...

awww our country is so near yours D: but great review nonetheless! I love the color and how it works 2 ways and that it is endorsed by dara xD so pretty!! I might get the one with pink and beige tones! <3

Tiffany-kim said...

So cuuuute! I love etude :3 That color is really pretty on you!
I want to enter the giveaway but sadly I'm not in Indonesia ;__; Good luck to everyone else!

aditya said...

ikut donk ikuuut
GFC name : aditya wulandari
email : adit_1484@yahoo.co.id
blog : www.sepuluhmei.blogspot.com
FB : aditya wulandari

udah like fb nya lho aku..

Yuri Wen said...

GFC Name:Yuri Wen
Blog URL:http://yuri5.wordpress.com
Twitter Name+Link:http://twitter.com/yuri5rocks
Your Facebook Name+Link:Yuri Wu

Luv The Colors ^_____^... ALOHA reminds me of Aloha Aina... Hawaian Style of Resto in our lovely city Bandung wkkwkw XD....

diaswari predani said...

woaaa, this is very cute!!!
I would like to join. btw I am your new follower :D
your blog is just cute! KAWAI~

sweet and sugars,

*^_^* said...

Wonderful! Awesome!
KAWAI rocks!!

Chino-chan ♥ said...

Thx for the invitation dear... :)

GFC Name: Chinochan
Blog URL:http://pururuworld.blogspot.com/
Twitter Name+Link: @gabbypali (http://twitter.com/#!/gabbypali)
Your Facebook Name+Link:Gabby Pali (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=779993957)

Additional Entries:
Blog POST :URL:http://pururuworld.blogspot.com/2011/08/cute-giveaway-from-sparkle-apple.html
Twitter Post URL:
Udh follow juga fb nya ya... =D

Penasaran aja baru liat liptint n lipgloss kaya gini... it's cute with such a beautiful color... and I wanna give it a try.. wish me luck >.<..

Coffee Cream and the Caffeine said...

I like the yellow one, nice color !


Dina Pitaloka said...

GFC Name : Dina Pitaloka
Email : missyuu@live.com
Blog URL : http://tujuhwarnapelangi.tumblr.com
Twitter : http://twitter.com/tujuhpelangi
Facebook : http://facebook.com/ramadina.pitaloka

Haii...sebelumnya aku belum pernah ikutan giveaway, jadi pensaran aja pengen ikut. Hadiahnya juga lumayan oke buat dicoba. Wish me luck :)

♥ CHAOI ♥ said...

GFC Name: Alexandria Candra
Email: cvoudras@rocketmail.com
Blog URL: http://chaaoi.blogspot.com
Twitter Name+Link: @q_chaoi
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Additional Entries:
Blog POST URL: http://chaaoi.blogspot.com/2011/08/giveaway-from-sparkleapple-3.html

♥ CHAOI ♥ said...

eia, alasan join giveaway ini :
1. Sounds interesting ^.^
2. Cute lip product :D
3. Coba peruntungan, kekeke~

btw, thanks aku udah di invite :))

Dreamy Princess said...

Awww.. your lips look like dreamy lips! love the tint!!(:
nice review too;D

GFC Name:Dreamy Princess

Email: getcrazysporty@yahoo.com

Blog URL:http://theprincessisdreaming.blogspot.com

Twitter Name+Link:joanjap/http://twitter.com/#!/JoanJap

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Additional Entries:
Twitter Post URL:http://twitter.com/#!/JoanJap/status/99455792771629056

Thank yo for the giveaway!(:

Dreamy Princess

Ileana Madarnaz said...

Too bad is only for indonesia :(
Good luck to everyone!! Is a beautiful lip color!

anjei said...

wow nice review.... i might check etude here in ph to get one of those....
love it...
will follow your blog..

Joveeta Lee ♥ said...

GFC Name: Jovita
Email: withlovevee@yahoo.com
Blog URL: http://joveetalee-art.blogspot.com/
Twitter Name+Link:
Your Facebook Name+Link: Joveeta Lee http://www.facebook.com/joveeta.lee

ikut karna pengen nyoba si tutukiss *lol*

Karina Dinda R. said...

GFC Name : Karina Dinda R.
Email : ncesrobotics@rocketmail.com
Blog URL : http://3Lbynces.blogspot.com
Twitter Name + Link : @kadinces|http://twitter.com/kadinces
Facebook Name + Link : Karina 'nces' Dinda|http://www.facebook.com/cessinceskarinachan

Lovely color! Love it max! ^^

Nurul said...

GFC Name: marista
Email: riezta_ma@yahoo.com
Blog URL: nurulmarista.blogspot.com
Twitter Name+Link: nmrsta (http://twitter.com/nmrsta)
Your Facebook Name+Link: nmrsta (http://www.facebook.com/nmarista)

Additional Entries:
Blog POST URL: http://nurulmarista.blogspot.com/2011/07/august-mini-giveaway-from-etude-house.html
Twitter Post URL: http://twitter.com/#!/nmrsta/status/100410031761133568

lucu warnanya, sukaaaaa :)

Amelia said...

GFC Name: amelia
Email: amelia.angelina05@gmail.com
Blog URL: http://amecraft.blogspot.com/
Twitter Name+Link: ameliaange (http://twitter.com/#!/ameliaange)
Your Facebook Name+Link: amelia (http://www.facebook.com/ame88)

Additional Entries:
Blog POST URL: http://amecraft.blogspot.com/2011/08/giveaway-free-etude-house-aloha-two-two.html
Twitter Post URL: http://twitter.com/#!/ameliaange/status/100515725936046080

^_^ tertarik banget ama produknya karena jarang banget bisa beli beauty product.. apalagi yg ini ada tint+glossnya dalam 1 batang ^^ warnanya bagus pula buat sehari2 ^^

anisayu said...

wah mantab n menarik juga nih... :)

e-news said...

nice info

kawaiinaomi said...

GFC Name: Naomi
Email: kawaii.reiko@gmail.com
Blog URL: kawaiinaomi.wordpress.com
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Your Facebook Name+Link: Naomi Aria

ikutaann, pengen nyoba 22 kiss nya ^^

LiLy said...

Very informative:) I blog current Japanese beauty secrets and rank them. So plz chek it out! ThanX!

Noniek said...

GFC Name: Noniek
Email: pow0w(at)yahoo.com
Blog URL: http://summer-noniek.blogspot.com
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Additional Entries:

Twitter Post URL: http://twitter.com/#!/noniek99/status/102236321837350912

I would want to win this product because it's looks so pretty on you that's why I want to try it :)

dilla said...

hhe thx for the offer ^^
tapinya aku nda punya twitter :(
makanya gak bisa ikutan kayaknya..
good luck for everyone ^^

Lely Iwan said...

sudah saya lakukan: DONE
GFC name: aishi lely
Email: aishi.lely@gmail.com
Blog URL : http://nyotnyet.net (beri saya waktu pasang banner 1x24jam, karena gaptek banget saya hihihih)
twitter: AISHI_L
facebook: aishi lely
pengen banget dapetinnya nih soalnya lagi belajar dandan :D

Gita Ayunda Hasanusindhy said...

GFC Name: Gita Ayunda
Email: gitayunda@gmail.com
Blog URL: http://gitchy.blogspot.com/
Twitter Name+Link: @gitaayunda / http://twitter.com/gitaayunda
Your Facebook Name+Link: Gita Ayunda Hasanusindhy / http://www.facebook.com/gitayunda

Additional Entries:
Blog POST URL: http://gitchy.blogspot.com/2011/08/2-is-better-than-1.html

I RWEAAALY WANT THIS AWESOME STUFF, hehehee. Why? because i'm a lip tint lover (since i have this dark lips, this product really saved my life!) i'd try lip tint from Face Shop and benetint, and yet, i'm still curious about this one :)

Etude House said...

This is a very nice review of Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss, exactly what I was searching for. Thanks for sharing with us your review!

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