Review: Etude House Secret Beam Powder Pact

Hero ☆ hero. I'm finally back v( ̄Д ̄)v with another review from Etude House~secret beam powder pact #1. Was supposed to do my 'homework' review actually, but oh well...~onto the product!

aweee so princessy!

Secret Beam Powder Pact adds a healthy sparkle to skin tone with high luster satin pearl look. It has superior oil shine control with little glitterings after apply. Looks fresh with pearl highlighting coverage and silky finish.

My Verdict:
Let's talk about packaging first~!♥♥♥ I think this one is one of the cutest packaging that Etude ever have! With silvery purplish, and swirly art noveau design, omooo...I'm just so that onto the packaging!  If you have seen other EH powder pact range, I'm sure this one resembles EH dream on pact. That one is just a girlier or pinkier version.

'bout the product itself, well, since I'm not really a 'powder' person. I'd say that it's just another run of the mills compact powder. Though, actually my dermatolog prohibited me to put on powder, any kind of powder, and also she told that powder (especially compact one) is very dangerous to our skin. Meh...  not really a bother cuz me myself don't really like powder pact in real! Hohohoh... Oil control is fine, and it goes a long way.

Comes with a thin puff that looked crumbly. As for the coverage, it's super super sheer and shiny, hence I woudn't recommend this one if you're looking for a pact with a good coverage. It has a fine shimmer that add sparkle and gives a silky finish, a bit more to dewy rather than matte.

☆ Packaging: Photobucket
☆ Oil Control:Photobucket
☆ Coverage:Photobucket
☆ Lasting Power:Photobucket
☆ Scent:Photobucket

This pack would give you more than setting your BB cream and foundie, it adds sparkle and shine! it would dissapear and blend naturally with natural skin tone. But because of its transculency, I couldn't swatch it properly >.<
Applied heavily-not blended
Sparkle Sparkle!
You can barely see the shimmer once you applied it on your face, but I do believe that is the shimmering things that give a sparkle and shiny-dewy finish to your look
it's waaay better than my old Palgantong loose powder with its overdosis shimmers! My bestie gave me her palgantong cuz she didn't like the product, so neither do me. lol... (^_^; )

Sorry no proper FOTD on this post, so for the substitute:
LOL!☆☆☆desperate looking! mwahaha..

More Haul  

So yeah, I'll show you what arrived on post this week (almost together with my Luview Haul) I'm going to review them ASAP I promise nuuu.... ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ Yaaay, more tints! I got:
B&C make mania Curvy Lip silicone (smack2, a lip silicone)
☆Etude House ALOHA two two kiss in shade 3 (I saw this on new etudeblog vid and I LOVE it already!)
☆Beauty Angel Turn-up Long Mascara
☆Evome Mask (this one contain living micro-organism! O__O)
☆Dali Sweet Brown in Plano.

and nawww...don't forget. I'm going to host a mini ★★★GIVEAWAY (ETUDE HOUSE)★★★ soon, probably next week. Yeah a 'MINI' giveaway, so don't expect too much ok, huhuhu... (・∀・) The prize will be one of Etude House ALOHA series.
See you soon lovelies~


THT Christina said...

Thanks for this review! Btw, where do you purchase it, online or a store?

And I can't wait for your 'MINI' giveaway haha

Ice Pandora said...

Thanks for the review ^__^ the powdercase is really cute!
I'll be waiting patiencely on the giveaway :)


Isabela Sousa said...

This powder is sooo cute, like your blog! =)
I'm following...


e-xitwoods ★ said...

♥ followed
i've tried this powder before, its really nice in real life. But in pictures, my face looked oily :'( Too bad it couldn't be perfect for both sniff. Or maybe it was just me heheheee ^^''

Lorsee said...

I agree, the packaging of EH is really cute!
Nice blog BTW :) Also a follower


PopBlush said...

I used that Etude House when I was first just starting off with makeup and I found it was best for me to use it as a setting powder under my liquid foundation when I needed more coverage. I agree that by itself, the coverage is not that good.

The packaging is so pretty though =)

tiffyama said...

Great review! I have a similar powder from Etude House, but it has more of a matte finish. It does help with setting BB creams, though the last power isn't as long as I'd have like it have. The packaging is really cute though. Reminds me of Anna Sui~

Tiffany-kim said...

Ahh I love EH's packaging! It's always super cute! Not a big fan of shimmery powders but as long as it's not noticable!

Can't wait to see the reviews on your haul! :3

Huynh said...

Nice review. The packaging is so cute :]
Thanks for commenting and your blog is so cute.

Marion ♥ said...

I have an etude house powder and it kinda looks like that :3

spider lady said...

Great. I will also host a giveaway soon, check my blog:

Yami said...

The packaging is simply adorable!

Momo said...

i love your review, cute blog as well ! ^__^

Fern Li said...

the powder's packaging is so cute!! :D
too bad that it doesn't have much coverage. its probably more focused on setting the products on your face.
i love the shimmer :D my loose powder has the same effect, it looks super cute and shimmer in the packaging but once blended into the face its very natural. ^^ i feel like a fairy~ lol!

Amyboo said...

The packaging is really cute. :) This powder sounds better as a finishing powder however!

Nic Nic said...

wow the powder look shimmery :O but i agree the packaging is cute! Ohh i used to wear dali about 3 years ago.. they gives such a cute natural look! I used to use the same canon camera too :P

aMz88 said...

whats that tiny cute jar beside the Etude and MAC in pic 3? :D

ShinyPrettyThings said...

what a cute compact!!! it does look really shimmery in the compact but glad that it doesnt make u super shiny!

Nica said...

Wasn't able to say this but I so love your cute and pretty blog! :)

Thanks a bunch for the review! Would you also make a review about Maybelline Mascara, The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara? :D

♥neelai♥ said...

i really love the packaging :)

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

oOOh so beautiful..Etude house always has such lovely packaging! I also love the shimmer, its subtle enough but still has that glow.

Diane said...

i love the packaging! so chic and girly..
thanks for the review.

btw, congrats.
you've got 5awards. visit my blog.

Kaddy said...

hey very good review :D
i ever think about products from etude house to buy XD maybe i will some day xDDD
but i'm lil bit afraid because of the 'shiny' powder. it dosnt look like 'glitter' on your face, or?

Penelope said...

Thanks for the review! I love the packaging of Etude House products, they are so cute!

Alexis said...

Awesome review.! :) I absolutely LOVE Etude House. I'm currently using the Baby Skin Veiling Pact. It has a similar Design but it's square shaped and the color of the compact is pink. :) I'll be reviewing the product soon, hope you drop by my blog and check it out too. :) Much Love~~~Alexis <3


Nenacho☆ said...

OMG I love Etude's stuff!! *__* If you run a giveaway I want to take part in it!! *o*

About your question about curling gel! I usually don't use curling hair nor fix spray! I only use curling water when I want curls to stay longer! (for an all day long, etc). In that case I use a curling water by Lucido-L !

cominica-ai said...

Cutee review~~ Yeah, Etude packaging is always soo cutee, make me want to buy more, lol 8D

NeCia said...

This packaging is really cute ^_^ such a princess style haha
Your dermatologist said that the powders are dangerous for the skin .... what is unhealthy in a compact powder? I am very curious:)

❤・.・Choco-chan・.・❤ said...

the packaging is sooo beautiful *__*
thanks for the reveiw ^^

aQma♥ said...

Love the packaging ^^!i dont know why its really hard to find that brand here~sad~

나니 said...

So excited for your giveaway! And the powder compact is SOOOOOOOO cute! *_* the packaging is true love! Seriously!

Catamiaou said...

Thanks for sharing this review. The packaging is so cute! I've never tried that brand

ಇ miharu ಇ said...

thanks for the review
the powder is so cute ! >.<

ELLE said...

Im your 800th follower! haha! you look like taeyeon of SNSD. ^_^

Cel said...

I love the packaging!!! Generally all Etude House packaging reminds me of Anna Sui somehow. Might try out this compact, thanks for the review ^_^

mimi said...

This powder looks so cute!! I love Etude House packaging (: I wish I was pale enough to wear their powders though!

Chichaul said...


Your haul looks really great.
If you don't mind please share it with our fashion haul community.

Hope to see you around there!
xoxo :)

Maria May said...

The powder case looks soo cute <3 Very princess like ^^ Im a powder girl im just not really fond of powders with glitter in :/

Joeyy said...

That is one super cute compact case!!! I want it just for the cover hahahhaha I'm not really an Etude foundation/powder/BB Cream fan... I bought one of their BB creams and it just felt so cakey :( and it had a funny smell to it too! But it did cover some blemishes that I couldn't cover with other BB Creams (I normally have to use concealer)so I'll give them that :P

Fashion CouSense said...

Your blog is soooo cute! :D


slowbrogal said...

Kim, how r u doing? Heard you've been through a surgery? Pls do tc ok? Anyway, work's been tough didn't have much chance to even bloghop to your blog. Ahh..I guess you have been missing mine too? Haha XD Anyway, wonder if this bb cream contains mineral oil. The previous one I bought Magic pack do have and it gave me bumps.

Maria 마리아 ♥ said...

nice review!!the powder so cute, I love Etude's stuffs, anyway your blog is really cute <3

Shin Lin said...

next time can u put the price on?

KUMA said...

can you use this on your bare face? ^^

Angelina Cynthia said...

nice review, i lovethis product too. come witth cute packaging... ^ ^

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