My Old Japanese Portrait

I'll be writing an 'antique' post about old japanese portrait. and have I told you that I'm a BIIIIG BIG fan of JAPANESE CULTURE? I love Japanese culture and everything!
T. Enami is my favorite japanese photographer, and his works really inspires me <3

Well, this is really interesting (for me) looking myself in antique photo style >.< 
I ask my BF (01.00 a.m): "look old enough yet? (pointing at pic no.2)"
my BF: "it looks like a cut-scene from a horror vid"
Me: (look at my own pic and..running to my bed with goosebumps!) L O L

my friend said that it looks like something were to appear from the left side of the photos.

my other besties said my pic looks like an old piece photos from FATAL FRAME 2  O___O

Here's the pic. enjoy~
old japanese style portrait 1
yes a bit blurred, I'm using 3 kind of image editor 'till I feel satisfied enough with the result. I can't do better than this for now because the quality of its original pic is super super poor. (taken with Canon digicam). And here's another 'new' version:
old japanese style portrait 2
Can you feel that something were to appear from the left side of this pic? awwwwwwwwwks.....*run*
so which one is scarier? first pic or second one?

and here's my bf in his tsumugi kimono and hakama:
I'm wearing a blue-grayish kimono with white-pinkish sakura pattern (haru haru time~ it's spring time~) one of my fave collection of komon kimono with chirimen fabric. The obi I'm wearing is actually a  REISOU, RYAKUSHIKI obi (with no back layer). It has a thick fabric that similar to hanhaba obi, but ryakushiki obi is a more formal type. I tied it in taiko musubi style =)
and yeaah, this obi is one of my favorite obi collection, it has a beautiful embroidery of a strok made with silver threads.

that would be all xD~
and DO I LOOK SCARY? hehehe...


burbujitabebe said...

the pic is really scary....haha!
i love oriental horror films :D

InsideOut Elle said...

The first one is my favorite and definitely has that slightly creepy vibe...but I like it ^_^ eheh i like your slightly random posts :} The kimono is gorgeous!

Nic Nic said...

Great pics - it has a haunting vibe to it, but not in a scary way - more of a vintage feel!

deerest said...

LOL now that you mention it.. it does look like it's cut from a horror movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cute cute :D


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i agree!
it reminds me of fatal frame
gosh i love that game!
i sure wish they have fatal frame 4 in ps3 though

but nevertheless it looks great!
love the kimono!

Dreamy Princess said...

hahaha.. since you said that the pics look scary, I started to think that the pic is indeed scary.. xp

The embroidery are indeed so beautiful!

Dreamy Princess

HitomiNeko said...

lol.. i guess it’s a little bit scary.... since it’s BLURRED.. if it won’t blurred than maybe it’s ok.. >_< haha

~*~HitomiNeko ~*~
(=0 . 0 =)

kaizokumousy said...

T_T the first one yes it reminds me of the game fatal frame lol! so scary >.<

Marina said...

I like this type of photo :) I like photography and japanese culture too.

Hercy said...

I told myself when I first saw this pics, "Ooh, so antique." But when I read your post and you mentioning how scary those look, I was totally creeped out! Haha I love the second picture too, eerie... I agree with your friends that anytime, a certain The Ring girl will appear out of nowhere! *covers myself with blanket* But nice pictures you got there! Seemed natural <3 Love Japan too! Kawaii *u*

Ice Pandora said...

I think you both looks cute ^^ I love kimono's and yukata's
The effects on the pictures are nice :)


AUDREY* said...

nice photos! i just love them! :D

Penelope said...

you don't look scary at all! The pictures are great! The kimono is beautiful.

Frey si pencuap said...

Wew... I love the kimono that you wore :D
Honestly, you look great on that pict ;)

Dreamy Princess said...

Wow.. I thought because you wrote hangeul name in the site, I assume that you like Kpop.. xp
I'm more into western actually, but sometimes I get bored and move into kpop, then I get bored again, and switch into western.. xDD

Dreamy Princess

Hello Naka said...

u dont look scary! i prefer the first one too :3 and i love ur yukata ^^

Katrina said...

wow your blog looks really cute!
and you look a little scary hehehe.

I followed you BTW. :)

HitomiNeko said...

thank u for our blog suggestion ^__^ i'm looking into it now <3

~*~HitomiNeko ~*~
(=0 . 0 =)

박진아 said...

indeed it looks a little scary ^.^;; but I think the first picture really looks old! just on the computer screen it looks a little tempered with.. but if it's a print out, im pretty sure I'd think it was the real thing! :D

and thanks for visiting! (i've finally figured out who you are! you added me on fb awhile back :3)

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

how antique looking.. i love aged pictures, they all seem to have so much personality in them. great job with photo editing!

Dreamy Princess said...

Sorry for spamming, but I have an award for you(:

Silkybow said...

aww you look so cute in a kimono!
I love japanese culture and stuff too ^_^

Bibi said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! The Muppets really make me remember my childhood as well, but I feel like if I would watch them again now, I'd know what they are talking about a bit better.

Great pictures, I like the first one best. Don't know why, maybe because the sepia gives it a more "old" feeling? Beautiful fabrics btw :)

Saving Capulet said...

oh you look beautiful in that kimono! I had a photo like that once, too! but my kimono was only borrowed, you and your bf look really cute in those photos, you should have a photo together wearing those <3

cutielippi said...

the kimono is soooo pretty :O the silver embroidery is really really beautiful ♥ and yes, the photo is super scary!! especially the first one! like from an old movie with ghosts sitting behind every corner D:

Lia Waroka Putri said...

You're good at editing pictures! I can see why you said they look like fatal frame 2.. lol xD
Beautiful kimono indeed!

MizArWeN said...

FirsT pic is much scarier than d 2nd. Lol!

Jxxxy said...

Wow! Very nice pictures!
My first though was "Fatal Frame" too. haha

Yami said...

This is so pretty! I like the photo very much!

the doll princess said...

oooh! love japanese culture too, it's just too rich! lovin the kimono, i go for the 1st photo of you, it looks more antique! ^^

jessica rusli said...

whoaa! i love Japanese Culture too! well, especially manga and anime. :p
You're cute! i follow you.

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