Hellooo~♡ Now I'm gonna show you one of my doll collection. Dollcena Dolls are the result of a collaboration between Takara/Tomy and Disney. They are the same size as the Petite Blythe and Little Pullip series (11 - 12 cm), and include the same sleepy eyes feature. (eyes close when they lie down). Dollcena Dolls are modeled after popular Disney characters as a result of the collaboration with Disney, and my doll is modelled after CHIP (from chip and dale).

What on the packaging: 
you will get super cute doll, complete with purse and a two nuts. ♡Size : 12 cm. pretty cute and small
Price : USD 12.00, quite expensive for 12cm doll
Check the photo for face details~♡

big blue eyes!

aweee, this small!

It got some explanation in Japanese, it says:
♔ Eye color: emerald green
♔ Hair color: mocca brown
♔Hair type: wave

Dollcena doll is a type of doll that can closed its eye. here:

the packaging is kinda cute too (・∀・)

Okaay.. enough for the pic^^. I hope you like it...though some people take Dollcena series as a scary doll. But somehow it's super cute for me.This doll is popular in Japan, and mentioned in Japanese KERA magazine!

❀'till next time~❀


~KawaiiParadise~ said...

where you get it?so cute ^^

RinFeiFei said...

It's actually from Japan. if you want you may check atamaii.com or Ebay, they sold this one ^^

and here is their official link: www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/disney/dollcena/index.html

melinda said...

i want buy from u..if u want to sell it ^^
may i know where u bought it?

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